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Key concepts:
- awareness
- innovation
- enterprise
- responsible stewardship


Eva Seilitz

Eva Seilitz



Welcome to the presentation of Eva Seilitz
and her work for a world of hope!

Community Developer and priorities architect. Change agent for more creative and effective team work and communication.

Eva has been wearing many hats on her journey through life, professionally and personally, always concerned with projects moving visions into future profitable reality.
Has worked as a project facilitator and community consultant to strengthen schools, public and private organizations. Eva has a strong background as a social creative entrepreneur.

Works in a wide network of competent persons who complement her equipment and skills.
Check into some of the projects illustrating Eva’s capacity, or contact her if you need to consult with her.

Cellphone: +46 (0)70 24 32 298


Yoga and meditation in prisons
Since 2008 Eva is the Program Co-ordinator for yoga and meditation in the Swedish Prison System as to support inmates and staff for a more healthy lifestyle.


Background details
Eva collaborated with Dr. Jonas Salk for more than two decades inspired by his evolutionary perspective of the future for humankind. His philosophy has been a major theme in Eva´s art as well as numerous community projects she´s been involved in.
In 2005 she completed her Master's in inter faith's studies at the department of Theology at Uppsala University. The project is an empirical study on yoga and its effects on male criminals in the prison of Norrtälje. It is also based on Doctor Jonas Salk's view of evolution and his hypothesis of man as both a biological and spiritual being.

Download the summary or the entire study (Swedish).

Eva´s new project is a retreat and community center at the base of Omberg Ecopark, one of Sweden´s most frequented nature areas with its panoramic view of lake and land. Retreats are offered once a month from May to October with yoga, meditations and pilgrim walks at Omberg. For more information download the pdf or contact